Star Wars: Edge of The Empire

Jungle fever

The chase for Tentic continues

As the events of Whisper Base come to a close, the party contacted the small rebel fleet and arranged for handing off the secret base.

With a refurbished YT-2400, the small group took flight to Iziz.
Onderon’s capital city was bustling with open markets, showing equipment, armaments and some underworld activities which the party took advantage of in order to make some adjustments to the ship, get a fresh new Bacta tank and some personal gear modifications.

The latest intelligence coming from Whisper base’s rebels suggested that Tentic Var has made some arrangements on Iziz and have taken flight to Dxun, Onderon’s fourth moon, that once a year, shared atmosphere with Onderon.

Cryus masterfully piloted the YT towards the Moon.As they entered Dxun’s orbit, (Yochanan) expertly scanned the planet looking for any odd large metallic shapes. Finding a ping on his scanner on the other side of the jungle moon, the ship headed towards the blip. Flying through the smog and darkness, Cryus managed to land in a clearing a few hours away from the large metallic mass. However (Guy) flying in his small Scout ship managed to crash headlong into the jungle and gouged a large furrow in the ground.

Regrouped, the party proceeded to head through the jungle in the direction of the Inquisitor’s ship.
As they walked through the Jungle, for a few hours they couldn’t help but notice that they seemed to have passed through familiar landmarks. They had been walking in circles for over 4 hours!!!

Finally, re-orienting themselves in the right direction, the party headed out towards the ship and after another trudge managed to arrive at a crater at the edge of the jungle.


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