Star Wars: Edge of The Empire

Mission to Onderon

Whisper Base

After arriving at the Rebel Alliance fleet and transferring to their base, The party was given orders to strike at
Whisper Base, an old stronghold of the Empire – on the planet Onderon – and reclaim it for the Rebel Alliance.
Whisper Base is an Imperial secret listening post built by Moff Dardanof to spy on the movements of Captain Claive.

(Before this happens, the party discovered that Gyra the supposed old Jedi is in fact the self same Darth Harrows whose
ship was found on Kaltera IV a midst the Ziggurat)

After being equipped by the Rebel Alliance with miscellaneous and needed gear, the party left for the base.
Trekking through the dangerous jungle and trying not to let the oppressive heat beat them down, the party finally
arrives at the base itself. Its first mission is to take out the communications link for the base preventing any unwanted alarms and communications from leaving the base. Gliir Noom leaves Bacon and (Guy) to guard the rear in case of anyone sneaking up on them.

Entering the garage after evading an imperial patrol the
party then successfully managed to sever the communications link, thus guaranteeing that anything they do will go unnoticed in the greater scheme of things.

Maki takes a covering position at the westward door, while the rest of the party confers on what to do next and Wienham
pours fuel on the rows of Speederbikes waiting in the garage. Waiting for the technicians to arrive, the group decides to ambush them. On the westward door Cryus and Wienham stand hiding next to the wall in various positions and on the eastern door, Gliir Noom and Maki stand together. Suddenly boots sound on the door outside and a voice shouts
out in surprise! the party is discovered!

After a short and vicious fight, the party defeated the imperial contingent with Maki and Cryus suffering superficial wounds
and proceeded to check the fallen troopers bodies for any useful items. After leaving the garage they are confronted
by a clunky and heavy cleaning droid that has a martial look to itself who implores the group to let it pass so it may
clean. Wienham roars in frustration and then proceeds to rip the droid’s head off. Unsuccessful, the droid takes umbrage
and attempts to retaliate and bashes Wienham with its mop. In an unsuccessful attempt Cryus accidently shoots Maki in the
back, and Gliir Noom manages to hit the droid. In a final surge Maki managed to destroy the droid.

Consulting the schematics of the base, the party decided to split up with Cryus sneaking through the facility and heading for the Hangar Bay with the objective of the hijacking the ship that is docked inside while Gliir Noom, Maki and Wienham heading over to the
command center in order to sabotage and destroy the remaining Imperial personnel inside the base.

As Cryus moved stealthily forward he successfully managed to evade a patrol and then snuck outside to the Hangar. Meanwhile the other members inches forward silently but are abruptly cornered as a patrol rounds on them from one side, and a group of Stormtroopers appears in front of them guarding the door.


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