Star Wars: Edge of The Empire

Reporting for duty, Sir

Whisper Base - part 2

As Maki, Gliir Noom and Wienham faced down the three Stormtroopers, Cryus snuck down the corridor towards the hangar bay, where the Nilos, a Lambda-class shuttle, docked.

Cryus used one of the air ducts, to sneak unnoticed into hangar. Needing some sort of leverage against the patrolling Stormtroopers, he decided to stun a lone engineer, doing some maintenance on the Nilos.

Using a hydro-spanner and basic mechanical skills, he managed to rig the shuttle causing a small explosion to set off the fire alarm on get some of the troopers attention, rushing towards the location of the fire. It was the second, unexpected explosion, coming directly from the rigged engine that wiped the Imperial personnel and securing the hangar bay, solely by one rebel pilot.

Meanwhile, after taking down the guards in the corridor and facing down the patrol that happened to arrive simultaneously the rest of the group stopped to discuss their strategy. Choosing to lure the garrison into a false sense of security they “tied” up Wienham, dressed in stolen Stormtrooper armor and then called in with news of a captured Wookie infiltrator.

As a second patrol approached the captive Wookie, Wienham ripped out of his cuffs and with a roar of rage smashed a Stormtrooper into a pulp. In the ensuing fight, after a massive barrage by Maki and his enormous gun, most of the troopers lay dead, with the party suffering some damage.

With all the turmoil going on throughout the base, Lieutenant Sarev managed to escape through a small chute and find his way into a rusting AT-ST, marching forth into the jungle in an attempt to send a message through the Comm-link tower.

Maki mounted one of the Aratech 74-Zb speeder bikes and commenced a pursuit after the fleeing Lieutenant. The chase through the jungle, led the company to the Comm-link tower, where a parked AT-ST awaited. While the blast doors were slowly closing shut, Maki made one last attempt to stop the imperials with his repeater.

As the blast doors closed, silence took the stage. The imperials lay dead on the control panels, their blood slowly dripping into a pool on the Permacrete floor.

Whisper base was now in rebel hands!


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