Gyra Shaw

A former Jedi turned Sith, now serves as a lost Jedi

Gyra fled Order 66 in her star fighter, crashing on a remote system, only to be found by Darth Vader who retrained her as a Sith.
Upon discovering Kalterra IV, Gyra, now under the Sith name of Darth Harrows, conducted in Sith Alchemy to improve upon the works of former Sith Lords on the subject of Rakghouls.

Some time after an initial break-through, Darth Harrows wished to lure Vader into a trap. Sensing her misguided ways, Vader sent in a large force to subdue Gyra and bring her to him.

Captain Claive, at the head of a nearby Rebel Fleet, intercepted the fleeing Imperials from Kalterra IV, neutralizing the shuttle carrying Gyra’s Frozen carbonite. Two imperial officers took the Carbonite and ejected themselves with an escape pod, only to be lost through the nebula above Kalterra IV.

Gyra Shaw

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