Star Wars: Edge of The Empire

The Tomb of Harrows

The two open corridors are tiled with heavy stone blocks while the walls are covered in bulky and dark durasteel, every so often the bright glow of a glow light
indicates the presence of some sort of power source. On one side of the passage is a monumental stone scultpture of a dark and majestic queen, who seems to hold a
scepter in her right hand. The top of the scepter is broken off haphazardly and it seems to be as if it was smashed as time passed. On the other side of the chamber
a identical sculpture of a regal king. As Gliir Noom and Gaira study the statues in interested Gliir Noom exclaims in wonderment – this is the tomb of Freedon Nadd
himself!!! This great Lord of the Sith conquered the planet Onderon over 4,000 years ago and forged a star spanning Empire until it was brought down. The two statues
are of his descendants – the first King and Queen of Onderon. As Gliir Noom continued his search he remembered that Kings hid clues in their statues, and as he searched
the statue he remerbered a rumor that was brought forth in a few respected academies that the Muir Glamm was passed down through this family line, and because of its
light side affinity it was hidden away.

As the two conversed and exchainged knowledge Cryus looked around in interest and to his surprise he found Wienham standing amongst them! He explained that after they
argued he continued on after the party and followed them down the tunnel’s. As Bacon continued forward he walked until he was close to the force field and tossed a
rock at it. To no one’s surprise it bounced back at him and hit him in the nose.Looking forward he glimpses a figure in the distance.
Searching the statue, Gliir Noom found nothing but he noticed that down one of the
corridors there seemed to be a small room. The whole party decides to walk towards the small room, and walking forward carefully they enter the room.
In the center of the room is a large sarcophagus covered in the strange sigils from the first floor, and on either side of the sarchophagus lie two smaller statues of
the Kingly figure. Closing his eyes and focusing, Gliir Noom focuses his mind and accessing the Force casts his senses around the room. He senses nothing, and brushing
impatiently past him the wookiee braces his huge form and pushes the large slab of stone aside. A scratching and rolling sound clatters nearby and a small cilender
drops down at Gliir Noom’s feet.

Looking down the head of one of the statues lies at his feet, and screaming in outrage at the wookiee he raises it and shakes it at the wookiee. Roaring in response
the wookiee growls in annoyance and then turns to peer into the sarcophagus. It is empty!!! Clambering inside Gliir Noom looks around inside the statue and then
searches inside, finding nothing he sheepishly climbs out. As the Wookiee and Gliir Noom attempt to move the statue they heave mightly but the statue is stuck to the
ground. Leaving the room and walking down the other corridor the group find a heavy piece of machinery that beeps and screeches as it humms silently to itself.
Bacon looks intruiged and pokes and prods the generator and it powers the outlying area. Another sarcophagus lies in the center of the room and this time the statues
are of the queen, with the scepter this time not broken. Wienham and Gliir Noom try to move the top off unsuccessfully.
Once again attempting to focus his mind Gliir Noom tries to sense his sorroundings, detecting only the party members. Bacon access’s the generator and powering up the
generators mainframe he attempts to isolate the force field power settings and shut it down. Smiling to himself he manages to shut down the force field, and as he
looks at the machine he notices that while the hardware of the generator is top of the line machinery from the finest factories in the core worlds the programming of
the mainframe is ancient and sub par compared to modern computer languages. Accessing a stored schematic in the mainframe, he notices that aside from the two rooms
there is only another room that was once protected by the field.

Trooping forward with Maki in the lead, the party heads out to the main room. Looking forward the party enters the corridor to the door, and they see a dark robed
figure sitting on the floor in a meditative pose, with a large circle of unidentified items strewn around him. Reacting fast Maki unslings his large repeater and
letting loose with a wild barrage he fires at the figures back unsuccessfully. The unidentified figure languildly rises to his feet and a red snap hiss sounds as the
corridor is bathed with a dark and mencaing crimson light. Glancing at the party with derision he steps away from the opening and disappears from view as the red glow
vanishes with him. Maki kneels and braces his rifle on the ground in preperation for the oncoming fight, as Cryus takes a few steps forward unslinging his Blaster Rifle
and taking aim as well. Gaira, Wienham and Bacon step forward and cautiously approach the entrance to the room. Looking around the three see a large room. slanted to
left and on the far side is a large dais with multiple steps leading up to the top. On it is a large altar with sigils that remind them of snakes.
Moving forward Maki, Cryus and Gliir Noom walk to the center of the room and peering around the corner they see Tenvic Var holding the lit lightsaber in one hand and
and grabbing a Holocron he places it on the altar. On the floor are three more Holocrons lying in reach of the fallen Inquisitor.

Speaking to Gaira he curses aloud and then angirly exclaims “Why do the Sith not accept me!!! I have done all they asked!!! You have nothing to do here, leave now
while you can or I will slaughter you all where you stand!”. Maki nunplussedly ignores his outburst and lets loose at Tenvic with a burst of laserfire. Hitting
everything around Tenvic but missing the Inquisitor he manages to scorch the altar with his wild barrage. Kneeling down and sighting down the scope Cryus fires at the
standing figure and with nearly supernatural speed whips his lightsaber into a defensive pose, defending most of his shots harmlessly into the sorrounding area –
although one shot manages to get through! Lancing into Tenvic’s shoulder it jerks him back and out of focus although he quickly shrugs it off.
Striding forward Gaira holds out her hand in a reaching movment and accessing the Force sends out a dark tendril of power at the Inquisitor, focusing all her hate she
yanks the lightsaber out of his hands but lost in the seething power of the Dark Side she loses control of the power and it flies into the altar. Unfortunately the loss
pf control dredges up all the dark and cold memories of her time training with Vader and a red mask seems to film over her as Tenvic’s form seems to blur into the
hateful form of Vader. With a scream ofrage and hate she gathers herself for a leap at her long ago tormentor.

Taking out his small pistol, Wienham fires at Tenvic and misses while Bacon runs forward and grabs one of the fallen Holocrons. Looking around Gliir Noom walks
confidently forward and yells out to Tenvic “No no no!!! Your doing the whole ritual wrong!!! You must start with the light side first!!!”, Tenvic looks up at Gliir
Noom and points commandingly to him “Bring me the Holocron” he booms out as he raises his left palm and the hilt of the lightsaber flies into his hand while a Heavy
Blaster Pistol is hekd into his other. Jumping off the altar he lets loose a stream of laserfire at the Wookiee scorching his hide and making the Wookiee roar in pain.
He yells out to Gliir Noom “Bring me the Holocron or I will kill your wookiee friend!” pointing to Gaira he speaks out to her “You! Stay out of this, this is none of
your business”.

Maki ignoring the whole proceedings, aims at Tenvic and lets another barrage of laserfire loose. Igniting his lightsaber Tenvic deflects most of the shots but unable
to cope with the sheer scope of the barrage a few manage to score past the shield of crimson light. Closing the distance fast Gaira once again surrenders herself to
the Force and projects her hand out once more, attempting to yank the lightsaber out of his hand. Tenvic glares at Gaira and although he manages to keep hold of the
lightsaber he seems a little off balance. Sensing an oppurtunity [[:cryus-solusar | Cryus]] once again sights down the barrel of his blaster rifle and sends a few shots down the room at
Tenvic. Already off balance from Gaira’s attempt the laserfire breaks his combat stance and forces him to focus on keeping his balance, and although the laser manages
to hit him it barely glances off him doing minor burns.
Gliir Noom once agains attempts to talk to Tenvic, this time unsuccessfully and glaring at Gliir Noom


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